Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Groovy Groomsmen

More often than not (although I do sometimes have very involved grooms!), when I plan with a couple, I am mostly planning with the bride and there are only limited times that a groom seeks out my help. I do ALWAYS hear from my grooms though if they are getting a gift or card for their bride to be, when it's time to get a tux, and when it's time to purchase gifts for the groomsmen. Now that last one is a tricky one because of course I don't personally know the grooms' friends, only he knows what their interests are and what their personalities are like. So I have to have somewhere to direct a guy where he can one-stop shop and even get each of his guys a different gift if he so wishes dependent on what he thinks each of them would like. I always like my clients to have a lot of options to choose from and in many price ranges so I love to recommend Groovy Groomsmen Gifts, and Cap Catchers, With Groovy Groomsmen, I know there is an array of gifts for any type of guy ranging from cufflinks to duffle bags and more. Capcatchers is a unique site that caters to Groomsmen gifts for beer drinkers which is always a crowd pleasure amongst the men! Armed with both of these sites, every one of my clients has so much to choose from. The product is quality without breaking the bank. I have a personalized beer bucket from Capcatchers and it's been coming in handy a lot so far this BBQ summer season!
Check out my beer bucket and some of their fabulous products below!
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Repeat Roses

Why waste flowers after the party’s over?

It is in giving that we receive…
Mark your union with a rewarding first act as a married couple by setting a precedent for kindness in your life together. Repeat Roses offers the opportunity to use your reception flowers to pay-it-forward and share joy with those who would benefit most, typically our nation’s sick, elderly and homeless. 

Repeat Roses concierge flower recycling services collect your reception flowers and repurpose them to deliver joy to a local nursing home, hospice care facility or shelter. By sharing the beautiful blooms from your celebration, you are creating an emotionally engaging experience providing a key mental health boost to residents.

Begin as you mean to go on…

Are you looking to incorporate an eco-friendly element as part of your wedding celebration? When flowers are left behind at weddings and events, they end up in a landfill where they create harmful methane gas and pollutants. Once the event flowers have been enjoyed by others, Repeat Roses collects the expired organic waste and containers for composting and recycling to better serve the environment.